The current board consists of three people, from left to right: Catharina Röttgers, Jeroen van Dorp and Gunilla Buitendag. A short introduction is written below.

Jeroen van Dorp

I am Jeroen van Dorp, the current Chairman of S.V. Muurvast.

Originally I came from Dronten (Flevoland, the Netherlands) where I spent most of my youth. After graduating high school I decided I wanted to do a broad technical study. Advanced Technology was the ideal study for this and that is why I moved to Enschede in 2013. In the summer of 2016 I completed my bachelor Advanced Technology and started my master Electrical Engineering with as specialisation Robotics and Mechatronics, both at the University of Twente.

Next to my study I have done several committees for my study association and I did a board year as the chairman of the study trip of that same study association. I have always enjoyed that very much, so when the opportunity came along to become part of the board of S.V. Muurvast the decision was not very hard. My goal is to let the association grow during during my board year, since we are still a young and small association that is the most important thing for me. As a young association there will be more challenges we need to deal with, but I look forward to taking on those challenges.

I have lots of hobbies, among other riding my motorcycle, karting, mountain biking and of course squashing. Before I joined Muurvast I used to play squash once every now and then, but now you can find me almost every monday evening at the Twentehallen at the association squash evening. Learning all the tips and trick from our trainer Maarten and playing some nice games with the other members.

Catharina Röttgers

My name is Catharina Röttgers and I am the secretary of S.V. Muurvast.

I am originally from Aschaffenburg, Germany and currently a Master student of Public Administration at the University of Twente. I am living in the Netherlands for almost five years now, since I also did my Bachelor in European Public Administration in Enschede.

I joined the S.V. Muurvast in September 2017. I have not played squash before, but wanted to try a new sport. I liked squash from the beginning on and decided to continue and to become a member. During the following months, I became more and more involved in Muurvast and I decided to become a board member of S.V. Muurvast.

I decided to take the challenge since I wanted to become even further involved in and also wanted to help developing and further promoting the association. Personally, I want to gain new experiences and develop as a person by growing through difficult tasks. Since, S.V. Muurvast is still a very small association, I want to become more recognized as an association and gain new members. In addition to that, I want the social aspect to expand as well by organizing as many fun activities as possible for our members.

Gunilla Buitendag

My name is Gunilla Buitendag and I am the current Treasurer of S.V. Muurvast.

I am a student at Saxion University of Applied Sciences, studying a Bachelor’s of Physiotherapy in the International Class. I began my studies in September 2017 and this is also when I decided to join our squash association.

Originally, I come from Cape Town, South Africa. I started squash quite a long time ago and I regularly played with my brothers. During the last few years of my primary school and throughout my high school education, I played squash as a sport at school. I also played in local tournaments as well as national tournaments, representing my province for several years.

I moved to the Netherlands in January 2017 after graduating from high school, first as an Au Pair in The Hague, before moving to Enschede later that year to begin my studies. I always wanted to study abroad, and after deciding to become a Physiotherapist, I heard about the well-recognised Physiotherapy Programs offered in the Netherlands. I am grateful for my choice and enjoy living here and meeting many new people.

I am looking forward to the upcoming year as a board member of S.V. Muurvast, as I would like to become more actively involved in the association and challenge myself with new experiences. My main goals are to grow as an association, as well as stimulate more involvement of our current members.